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Welcome to Financial Safeguards Group! We specialize in Tax Preparation & Filing, Insurance Services, Trusts, Financial Planning, And Document Preparation.

Thank you for choosing Financial Safeguards Group, and please call, fax, or email if you have any questions or if you need any additional information.

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SCAM Warning:

The Internal Revenue Service WILL NOT Call you without a letter preceding it.If you get a call or voicemail or e-mail purportedly from the I.R.S DO NOT respond. Hang-up the phone or if otherwise ignore and delete message.

We have had these calls reported and have received them in office. They sound really authentic until they tell you to go get a prepaid visa from Walmart and call them back with the authenticating numbers.

If you do this consider your MONEY GONE. There is no recourse to re-claim your money.

If you believe or know that you have an I.R.S issue, call us first.

If you  receive a letter from I.R.S., CALL us first.

If you need to respond to I.R.S, do not call the number given to you in voice-mail or on phone. The proper number to call is 1.800.829.1040.

If you wish to report said phone call the number is the Treasury Inspector general at 1.800.366.4484.

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